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“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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Happy International Women’s Day from the War on Women party!

This message brought to by the proud makers of forced ultrasound laws, crazy-assed rape theories, and the idea that women who use contraception are sluts.

Remember, Reince Priebus sez: “You go girls!… Just not very far.”

What are the possibilities of all these other things surrounding her life that a 16-year-old girl, with hormones raging, can get herself into?

(Male) lawmaker says we must make it harder to divorce or teenage girls will be too promiscuous.  (via think-progress)

UPDATE: His bill won’t advance because of negative press.

(via think-progress)

(via think-progress)


MAPS: Did Your Congressmember Vote Against The Violence Against Women Act? (List continues here.) 

>:( Yes. ALL of them.


MAPS: Did Your Congressmember Vote Against The Violence Against Women Act? (List continues here.) 

>:( Yes. ALL of them.


Stories to Watch: 2/28/13.

A Texas school worker is accidentally shot during a weapons training class. “The class was part of an effort to permit teachers to carry firearms on [Van Independent School District] campuses,” the report tells us. See, the person who did the shooting will soon be carrying a loaded weapon to “protect” school kids. This is not off to the best start and you hope against hope that this boneheaded program doesn’t lead to a tragic — and entirely predictable — end.

The Senate Judiciary Committee delays action on several gun control measures for a week, in order to try to rally support for a renewed assault weapons ban. It doesn’t bode well for the AR ban, but other measures seem to stand a better chance. In any case, public support on the issue is high enough to guarantee that this won’t be the only chance to get gun regulations through the goalposts. If it’s a long trek, then it’s a long trek — but we’ll get it done. It used to be that lobbying by state Tavern Leagues kept drunk driving penalties lax, but years and years of pressure from citizens and the stories of family loss got laws against drunk driving where they are today. Defanging the NRA could be a similarly long term — but eminently doable — project.

Bloomberg Businessweek apologizes for a seriously racist magazine cover.

Wow. National Review Online writes a sexist and racist rebuttal to a New York Times piece about the struggles of victims of rape in the military. Why? Because it seemed like a good opportunity to attack feminism. I shit you not.

Democratic congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis has a few words for Supreme Court Justice Scalia about freedom, the Voting Rights Act, and Scalia’s racist theories about “racial entitlements.”

The White House files a brief urging the Supreme Court to strike down California’s homophobic anti-marriage equality law.

Ohio dem Senator Sherrod Brown would very much like to begin a much-needed round of trust-busting. Too big to fail = too big to exist.

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Sean Duffy continues to be one of the most clownish House Republicans. Asked if he supported a bill that would require women to undergo completely unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasounds, Duffy said he didn’t know what a trans-vaginal ultrasound was. “I haven’t had one,” he said.

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins goes fullblown antisemitic. Did I mention that FRC spends a lot of time denying they’re a hate group? Yeah, they can go ahead stop that now.

Finally, a conservative polling outfit finds — as every other poll has so far — that the public will blame Republicans for the sequester more than President Obama and that the public doesn’t have a lot of appetite for deep spending cuts. Comments the pollster, “These are desperate times for fiscal conservatives.”

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From yesterday. Yowza.


I’ll be reading from Get Out of My Crotch: 21 Writers Respond to America’s War on Women’s Rights/Reproductive Health, and a portion of the publisher’s proceeds will be given to Planned Parenthood. The local chapter will table the event, too, which I’m excited about. I’ll be talking about the War on Women in Texas and read short excerpts from my contribution to the anthology, “Grown Woman Swagger.”

We are witnessing the patriarchy’s last gasp, and it’s not going down without a fight. Using legislation, language, and women’s own silence, it seeks to return us to a time when choice and self-determination were not options.

In this collection, twenty-one fearless writers examine reproductive rights, access to health care, violence against women, and the rise of rape apologists in the twenty-first-century United States. Illuminating intersections of gender, class, and race, these stories speak to the challenges women routinely face, the attempts to undermine their rights, and the deliberate, systemic erosion of their agency and existence as equals. It’s time to revisit what’s at stake, what could still be lost, and why we must continually fight for equality and freedom for all.


Say you’re an Oklahoma state senator, busy with important Oklahoma state business, when you’re approached by a “natural family planning expert” who says women shouldn’t be taking birth control because “part of their identity is the potential to be a mother.”

What do you do?

A) Gently suggest that this doctor ask Hollywood Upstairs Medical College for a tuition refund.

B) Sponsor a bill letting employers exclude birth control and abortion coverage from insurance plans.

One guess how this turns out.


Indiana Star reporter Mary Beth Schneider’s timeline of Indiana GOP hypocrisy.

Democrats peppered both SB 528 and another anti-abortion bill — SB 489, which mandates color photos in abortion consent forms — with a series of amendments saying the same requirements in those bills should apply to clinics and drugs for erectile dysfunction.

“If it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander,” said Sen. Jean Breaux, D-Indianapolis. “If this bill really is about the health of the female… then let’s make sure that the health of the Hoosier male is just as met.”

If it is important to mandate an invasive ultrasound for women, she said, then it should be equally important for lawmakers to require men to go through invasive physical procedures to get erectile dysfunction treatment.

Sen. Mark Stoops, D-Bloomington, sought a similar amendment to SB 489l, requiring color photographs of vasectomies be shown to men considering that sterilization procedure, and requiring that men be told about the risks, just as women getting an abortion are required by state law to be told of the risks. If lawmakers are concerned about men’s health, Stoops said, men should be warned about scrotum infections and the emotional trauma of losing fertility.

And, he said, men should not be discriminated against. They should undergo a prostate exam, something as invasive as a transvaginal probe.

Sen. Mike Young, R-Indianapolis, angrily accused Democrats of making a mockery of his bill, which he noted also ends a requirement that women be forced to hear the fetal heartbeat.

No, Mike Young. The mockery is your bill that forces an invasive procedure on women and pretending to be for their good.

This is crazy… As a physician, I don’t make laws, since I’m not qualified. By the same token, legislators should stay the fuck out of making (bad) medical decisions for women.

Dr. T, posting on my friend’s Facebook about the Indiana legislature’s consideration of another mandatory ultrasound bill that would not only demand transvaginal ultrasounds before certain types of abortion, it would also mandate another unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound two weeks later.

Testimony in favor of the bill culminated with Indiana Right to Life Director Sue Swayze saying she “doesn’t understand the problem with the procedure. I got pregnant vaginally. Something else could come in my vagina for a medical test that wouldn’t be that intrusive to me. So I find that argument a little ridiculous.” I dare her to say that to someone who is a survivor of rape.

This is like saying since she herself once consented to sex, she’s consented to have sex with everyone because that’s not intrusive. Not to mention being penetrated by a hard plastic probe in a doctor’s office usually differs from consensual sex. Oh, and did the state legislature dictate the position and manner that you and your partner were to use to conceive? Oh, no, because that’s a private choice, amirite?

The physician above nails it. Doctors should care for patients without legislators mandating how it should be done or denying patients care they seek from qualified physicians.

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 So why doesn’t Ms. Sue volunteer herself to be the first one to get probed?

The fate of progressive activists is to always be fighting for the victories they already won.


BREAKING: The Ohio House Health Committee votes to DEFUND Planned Parenthood, 11-9. 

So many people are gonna suffer because of this.

This is just so wrong.

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