No more Texas governors for president

“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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“The Voting Rights Act is like a restraining order. The states are like “I used to beat my girlfriend, but I haven’t since the restraining order, so we don’t need it anymore.”
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In Texas, copyright laws are much stricter than gun laws.
Stephen Colbert (true)


Stephen Colbert is so wise.

Apparently, in 2012, minority voters just did not connect with the Republican message of ‘STOP THIEF!’
STEPHEN COLBERT, The Colbert Report
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You just never lose eye contact.
Stephen Colbert


“Where did we go wrong? The Republicans had everything going for them: a terrible economy, an unpopular incumbent, and a positive message for the American voter: ‘Less than half of you are parasites!’ “

— Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report


Tonight on The Colbert Report … TA-NEHISI COATES!

2 of my favorite people in one place!


Tonight on The Colbert Report … TA-NEHISI COATES!

2 of my favorite people in one place!

This is officially the best race ever:

One of Stephen Colbert’s sisters is planning to run for the vacant SC seat in the House of Representatives against our former disgraced governor, Mr. Nude-Hiking-On-The-Appalachian Trail Mark Sanford.

Could this be the most fun House race ever?

It’s the seat made vacant after former US Sen. Jim DeMint resigned and Gov. Nikki Haley appointed the former 1st District Congressman Tim Scott to DeMint’s Senate seat.


Stories to Watch: 12/10/12.

Michigan’s anti-union bill gets the attention of national Dems, including Pres. Obama. A massive protest is planned for tomorrow in Lansing. Here’s why this whole story is more important than you may realize.

In a poll, South Carolina voters choose Stephen Colbert to replace retiring Sen. Jim DeMint. It’ll never happen in a million years, since Tea Party Republican Governor Nikki Haley makes the appointment. But what an embarrassment for the person she does choose, huh? If it was an election, that person would’ve lost to someone who is quite literally a human joke. Expect Colbert to run with this tonight — should be awesome.

Also hilarious: the Republican Party taps a couple of poll truthers to man a committee to figure out what went wrong with the 2012 presidential campaign. I’m certain that Democrats will quietly throw a party tonight.

Crusader against liberals on campus David Horowitz is a total lunatic.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker sets his sights on Chris Christie’s job.

The rightwing National Review reports that John Boehner could face a challenge to his speakership from ‘bagger nut Tom Price. The problem: Price says he’s not. NR’s reporting was based on “the buzz” in Washington and a whole buttload of reading between the lines… so,yeah. Your shitty “journalism” of the day. The “savvy insider” fails again.

Pres. Obama says he’s willing to compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff — but just “a little bit.” I have no freakin’ idea what this is supposed to mean and advise him in the strongest possible terms to knock this shit off.

Finally, Sen. Lindsey Graham is a shameless liar.

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Come on, South Carolingens(?) - you are America and so is he!

Stephen [Colbert] is honored by the groundswell of support from the Palmetto State and looks forward to Governor Haley’s call.

Colbert’s personal publicist, confirming to Mother Jones that the comedian would be pumped to replace tea-party icon Sen. Jim DeMint. (via motherjones)




TV: Ian McKellen explains that how Gandalf beats Magneto, “every time” (in theoretical battles between the two character’s he’s played) on The Colbert Report. [MTV]

I <3 Ian McKellan.


‘The Colbert Report’ Geeks Out on ‘The Hobbit’ Next Week

The Colbert Report will be presenting a multi-day Hobbit-themed program from December 3 to December 6, celebrating the December 14 release of Jackson’s movie. According to the A.V. Club, guests will include: Ian McKellan (December 3), Martin Freeman (December 4), Andy Serkis (December 6), and Jackson himself (December 5).

I can’t wait for Colbert’s cameo.