No more Texas governors for president

“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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You do not work here.  You do not live here.  You create here.  You are building something.  Even if this is a transition, it’s still a path.  You’re meant to be on it.  Know that.  Let this be a space where you redefine leadership.  Especially if that is not your position.  Speak up.  Ask questions.  Splatter paint.   Break the frame.  And if you are the CEO, president, or occupy a corner office, lead with your heart instead of your head.  Drop the megaphone and walk with a mirror.  Look at yourself before judging others.  Don’t see them as working for you.  You work for them.  That’s the only way you will grow as a leader.  Interns, assistants, up and comers.  Know your value.  They were where you were once and if they don’t realize it, remind them.  Dodge your fear, not their staplers.  Laugh, it’s okay.  Have a cookie.   Leave your mark.  Fuck the clock.  Punch the sky.

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I wish this was the case at my workplace.

Republican economic policies quadrupled the national debt before I took office, and doubled the debt in the 8 years after I left.

- President Bill Clinton

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I am one of two Asians in my section at work. For a long time, I was the only Asian in the department. Most of the people I work with are high school and college aged students like myself. I’m usually quiet during my shift and get my work done as fast as possible. I don’t make trouble and socialize but still am productive. I like to think of myself as friendly although I do get frustrated with newbie workers who complain too much about a simple part time job as a cashier or bagger. 

I get a lot of stereotypical/discriminatory comments said in the form of joking. Because I’m Korean, I tend to always get linked with Kim Jong Il. Or, there are plenty of white co-workers pretending to speak Chinese or Korean which is basically the whole ching chong blasphemy. Two co-workers (also my “superiors” since they’re assistant managers) always tell me that whenever they see me, I remind them of Chinese food. One guy even suggested that I get the nickname of PFR (pork fried rice). I’m also called Dragon Lady by my manager as well. 

It’s hard for me to strike back or respond. I mean, all of it is said benevolently in a supposed to be funny sort of way. So basically, if I flip out or feel like I’m being attacked then the assumed idea will be is “she can’t take a joke.” Whenever I do try to talk back or defend myself, it’s twisted around and I’m the sore loser again. I know some of it is my fault, I never really made it clear that this makes me feel uncomfortable. Honestly, it didn’t in the beginning. I knew people were joking but I’m starting to get sick of it. I feel like it’s too late for me to say anything and that people are going to think I’m weird for saying anything. 

And I work in a grocery store. It’s a face-paced environment and not exactly a seminar where we get to ponder the effects of privilege. So most of the time I feel like it’s more of a waste to even try to reason with these people.

There’s one particular guy who basically commented every single time he saw me at work today. I always talked back to him and I want to be able to make come backs which is why I haven’t ripped into him yet. I know there are harsher people out there and I want to get practice defending myself verbally. Is that weird? 

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Is Your Job Killing You? A Guide To Your Working Health

Are longer hours bad for you?
Perhaps not directly. But they do lead to activities that carry greater health risks.

In 2010, Americans each worked on average a total of 1,778 hours. That’s not nearly as bad as South Korea (2,193 hours), but the United States still spends more time at work than many of its fellow developed nations, including Japan, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom. What happens to your body when you spend more time at the office?

While there’s scant credible research to suggest a longer workweek is harmful in itself, scientists have found a link between increased working hours and unhealthy behavior. In particular, working longer can lead to greater rates of cigarette use, less exercise and fewer check-ups, researchers at the University of Illinois discovered in 2010. The inverse also holds true: working fewer hours is linked to healthier behavior. […]

I work in an office. Should be pretty safe, right?
Depends. Are you sitting down?

In some ways, office drones have it easy — they don’t face the acute threats that challenge soldiers, firefighters or other people who have an occupational relationship with mortal danger. But as it turns out, desk jockeys face a far more insidious hazard: the swiveling, cushioned time bomb they plant their bottoms on every day.

In a widely publicized study last year that had test subjects walking around in motion-sensitive underwear and eating meals controlled down to the last calorie, Mayo Clinic researchers discovered that inactivity simply due to sitting led to wild swings in metabolism. Other research has shown that those who sit for at least 11 hours a day suffer a four in ten chance of dying within three years — no matter how much exercise they get. Even if you’re only seated for eight hours a day, your risk of death is still 15 percent greater than someone who sits for half that time.

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by Emily Ramshaw, Thanh Tan and Aman Batheja

Update, March 21, 2:30 p.m.:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has pledged his assistance to ensure the firebombing attack on Sen. Wendy Davis’ office is investigated and prosecuted. “We strongly condemn the cowardly attack,”…

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Fairfax County, Virginia Office Opening - Obama For Amercia 2012 (by BarackObamadotcom)

Volunteer in Virginia:

We were there when the Fairfax County office opened in Virginia. In this video, supporters share why they’ve worked so hard to get Virginia ready for 2012. 

Watch as Representative Gerry Connolly helps welcome more that 250 volunteers, supporters, and staff. 

Eva, from Herndon Virginia, shares what’s at stake:
“If we don’t get President Obama reelected we will be going back, so many years back.”

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