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“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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A video of the exchange between Newt Gingrich and Juan Williams. The comment from the poster? “Sorry Juant [sic]. Race card denied.”

This was on Martin Luther King Day, adding to the stomach-twisting, rage-inducing awful of this whole video.

For defending his comments, Newt Gingrich received a standing ovation.

Here’s a transcript.


Juan Williams asked Newt Gingrich in tonight’s debate about his comments regarding Black Americans demanding paychecks and not food stamps, plus his statements about poor children working as janitors in their schools and firing unionized janitorial labor. Gingrich attempted to make his case by…

On MLK Jr. Day, Juan Williams booed vigorously by GOP debate audience for suggesting some of Newt’s comments are offensive to blacks.

AHHHHH - not another GOP debate!! And on MLK Jr. Day of all days???


Side note: Fox News is hosting a Republican debate in conjunction with the South Carolina Republican Party on Martin Luther King Day in South Carolina. The candidates - all older, white, wealthy men - will trumpet the merits of policies that will disproportionately affect minorities and the poor.

I have a feeling that if any questions remain about the dreams of Martin Luther King remaining unfulfilled, watching the debate tomorrow could provide the answer.

Proving once and for all that there is no God…

“I would send troops back into Iraq,” Rick Perry told a New Hampshire audience at Saturday night’s GOP debate, warning that without yet another military operation in Iraq it would fall under the influence of neighboring Iran. (You go first, Rick.)

Mitt Romney thinks America would be stronger if gay people didn’t raise kids, and four other reasons to be glad you didn’t watch the ABC News New Hampshire GOP debate.

1). Mitt Romney Can’t Defend Being a Job Cremator – After being attacked by Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich for making his fortune by killing jobs, Mitt Romney stuck to and doubled down on his claim that he created 100,000 net jobs while at Bain, but Paul Krugman and The Washington Post already have debunked this claim.

2). When Given A Chance To Discuss Racist Newsletters, Ron Paul Rants On The Drug War- When Ron Paul was asked about racist news letters that went out under his name 20 years ago, he didn’t answer the question, or talk about his own feelings on race. Instead, he went the Glenn Beck route and claimed that Martin Luther King was his hero, and then pivoted to a rant about how real racism is found in the judicial system, and how war hurts minorities more than whites. While those are both good points, Dr. Paul had a chance to put this to bed in front of a national TV audience, who may not want to look up his previous answers to this question, and instead dodged the question.

3). Mitt Romney Claims America Is Better Off When Gays Don’t Raise Kids – As the candidates debated a question from a viewer that asked what they would tell gay people who want to build loving committed relationships with one another, Mitt Romney tried to walk the line between being a moderate and appealing to gay hating right. Romney finally said that America is better off when children in this country are raised by a man and a woman. Romney even went as far as to claim that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to get married, but they should be allowed to enter into “contracts” with each other.

4). Rick Perry Wants To Send Troops Back To Iraq Right Now- The other Republican candidates refused to commit to sending troops back to Iraq right away, but a desperate Rick Perry said he would, “send troops back into Iraq, because I will tell you I think we start talking with the Iraqi individuals there, the idea that we allow the Iranians to come back into Iraq and take over that country with all of the treasure both in blood and money that we have spent in Iraq because this president wants to kowtow to his liberal leftist base and move out those men and women.” (That’s just what this race has been missing an extreme blood thirsty war monger).

5). Mitt Romney Lies About The Benefits Of His Tax Plan For The Middle Class- Mitt Romney was doing the best he could to sell his Bush tax cut on steroids plan to the middle class by actually claiming that his plan would provide tax relief to the middle class, but according to Mother Jones, “ For the 95% of us who earn less than $100,000, his plan is almost laughably tilted toward the plutocrat set. There’s just no way for him to pretend that he really cares about the middle class. But for the plutocrat set itself, his plan seems downright miserly compared to the rest of the GOP field.

To mark my birthday, I’m told America is putting on some sort of circus with clowns tonight! #GOPDebate

Another proud moment in GOP debate history:

The audience at Saturday night’s Republican presidential debate gave their loud seal of approval to the idea of removing restrictions on child labor.

Other countries care for their mentally ill. Making them debate on TV is just cruel.

Willard, Willard, Willard:

Mitt Romney got things off to a fun start by lying about his first name (or, at least, substituting his middle name for his first name). After Wolf Blitzer introduced himself by saying that “Wolf” is really his real first name, Mitt Romney followed up by saying, “I’m Mitt Romney, and yes, Wolf, that’s also my first name.”

Problem is, his first name is Willard. (Guess Willard Romney doesn’t sound exactly presidential.)

Ron Paul’s campaign is upset because during last week’s Republican presidential debate, he only got to speak for 89 seconds. Meanwhile, Rick Perry’s campaign is upset because during last week’s debate, he got to speak.
Conan O’Brien
ROCHESTER (AP) - Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry says he would eliminate three federal agencies. Just don’t ask him to name them.
Think Progress
Perry forgets what department he’s going to eliminate. “Education, Commerce…uh…” Wow. Props to Ron Paul for trying to give Perry hints, though. “EPA?” “No…it’s not the EPA.”
Jeff Yang
"Must have president who puts country in front of getting elected." And Romney disqualifies entire Republican field in one swoop.
Jeff Yang