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“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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This weekend (saturday and sunday) there is an Asian Arts Festival in Homestead, Fl run by The Thai-American Association of South Florida together with Miami Dade County Asian-American Advisory Board. This is their 23rd year doing this and it’s in the beautiful Fruit & Spice Park.

My father, an immigrant from the Philippines brought me to this festival since I was a kid. Growing up, surrounding myself with Asian culture made it easier for me to come to terms with my mixed heritage. It was there I learned to identify myself as a WoC, as an Asian American. It’s a safe place run by and for PoC.

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Second Amendment hero shoots man over loose dog.

Raw Story:

A Florida man is recovering from a gunshot wound after a motorist became angry and pulled a gun because a loose dog forced his pickup truck to stop.

Peter Harbachuk, 46, told the Tampa Bay Times that he and his wife were walking their 4-year-old golden retriever, Bella, when the dog escaped from her leash.

Bella darted in front of a pickup truck, forcing the vehicle to stop. After coming to a halt, a woman got out of the truck to yell at the couple.

Harbachuk said that he asked the woman to get back in her truck while he tried to get his dog back on the leash.

That’s when the woman got back in the pickup, and a man emerged with a gun.

“Some dude hopped out and he pointed a gun toward my head,” Harbachuk recalled. “I said, ‘Hey. This doesn’t have to go down like this.’”

The man then lowered his aim slightly, closed his eyes and fired a round into Harbachuk’s leg, he explained. The couple in the truck fled the scene before police and paramedics could arrive.

St. Petersburg police are searching for “a clean-shaven, muscular, 5-foot, 10-inch tall man between 30 and 35 years old. The woman was thought be about 5 foot, 5 inches and 20 to 25 years old. She was petite with short brown hair. The suspects may have been traveling in a dark Ford F-150 pickup truck.”

Just another day in America, where the insane proliferation of firearms makes everyone so damned safe, “This could’ve been anyone. It could’ve been my wife,” Harbachuk told the Times. “It could have been just any person walking down the street.”

With studies suggesting that long lines at the polls cost Democrats hundreds of thousands of votes in November, party leaders are beginning a push to make voting and voter registration easier, setting up a likely new conflict with Republicans over a deeply polarizing issue.

White House officials have told Congressional leaders that the president plans to press for action on Capitol Hill, and Democrats say they expect him to highlight the issue in his State of the Union address next week. Democrats in the House and Senate have already introduced bills that would require states to provide online voter registration and allow at least 15 days of early voting, among other things.

Fourteen states are also considering whether to expand early voting, including the battlegrounds of Florida, Ohio and Virginia, according to FairVote, a nonprofit group that advocates electoral change. Florida, New York, Texas and Washington are looking at whether to ease registration and establish preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds.

Several recent polls and studies suggest that long waiting times in some places depressed turnout in 2012 and that lines were longest in cities, where Democrats outnumber Republicans. In a New York Times/CBS News poll taken shortly after Election Day, 18 percent of Democrats said they waited at least a half-hour to vote, compared with 11 percent of independents and 9 percent of Republicans.

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology analysis determined that blacks and Hispanics waited nearly twice as long in line to vote on average than whites. Florida had the nation’s longest lines, at 45 minutes, followed by the District of Columbia, Maryland, South Carolina and Virginia, according to Charles Stewart III, the political science professor who conducted the analysis.

A separate analysis, by an Ohio State University professor and The Orlando Sentinel, concluded that more than 200,000 voters in Florida “gave up in frustration” without voting.

The New York Times, “Waiting Times at Ballot Boxes Draw Scrutiny.”

Conservatives want you to wait to vote but don’t you dare make them wait to buy a gun.

Conservatives are afraid of tyranny and despots but fuck democracy.

Conservatives lose elections and so, daggummit, will you.

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In which we learn FL Gov. Rick Scott is worse than we’d suspected.

Political Wire:

Shortly after winning the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2010, Rick Scott (R) announced that his family had rescued a Labrador Retriever and gave it a name: Reagan.

But when the Tampa Bay Times “asked last week what had happened to the dog, Scott’s current and former communications directors refused to answer… At one point an exasperated reporter asked Burgess if he had killed the dog, and Burgess denied ever killing a dog, but still wouldn’t say where Reagan was.”

Later a spokeswoman called to say Reagan had been returned about a year ago.

Another Republican who can’t keep a dog….



A Florida judge on Tuesday denied a request from accused murderer George Zimmerman to let him remove his GPS monitoring device and travel freely in the state pending his trial next June in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman, 29, has been confined to Seminole County under a $1 million bond since July, when a judge concluded that he had presented false information about his assets and was a flight risk.

Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, who is charged with perjury for allegedly lying to the judge about the couple’s finances, live in hiding and “in fear of violence,” according to a 74-page motion filed by his lawyer, Mark O’Mara.

READ ON: Florida judge keeps GPS monitor on Trayvon Martin’s killer


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Hemingway’s cats are now a federal case!

As for the cats, they’re not commenting. We have our doubts, though, that they’ll do what the law says. They’re cats.”

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Wooho!!!! Welcome Gov. Crist! :)


People who announced on Twitter that they changed parties last night: Charlie Crist. (MSNBC has the details.)

All right, Gov. Crist! We’re proud to have you!

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Comedy Central described New Hampshire’s state house of reps as ‘a bunch of part-time real-estate agents throwing monkey feces at a wall.’ But that’s not entirely fair—some of them are lawyers too.

Take a look at America’s worst state legislatures. (via motherjones)

I’m offended that Texas’s part-time, meets every other year, legislature didn’t make the cut.

When we think about Stand Your Ground laws, I think it’s worth considering the effects of such a law beyond the immediate. Accepting Dunn’s story, that Davis had a shotgun and police simply haven’t found it yet, it may seem perfectly logical to say, “If you threaten my life, I have the right to take yours.” But the argument rests on an shockingly optimistic view of human nature. Guns are power. But we can’t really bring ourselves to think about how power might alter our calculus.

I love how the weatherman just keeps going. :)


Lost Cat Ends Up on Miami Weather Report

A Miami, FL cat named Peaches had merely run to the convenience store for a pack of AA batteries.

“She must have gotten turned around,” says Cassidy Coleman, a source close to the situation.

The next thing anyone knew, she was strolling through the studio of the local Univision news station.

“She waltzed right through the weather broadcast,” says Coleman. “We all had a good laugh.”

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Tea party firebrand Rep. Allen West conceded his re-election fight Tuesday, two weeks after the election gave way to court appearances, two partial recounts and unending accusations by his camp that the vote count wasn’t fair.

About time!


I just thought everyone on this site would like to know that Peggy Noonan said that Romney was going to win because she saw more Romney than Obama yard signs in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.


I am ticked by that!