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Fox News is now covering Trayvon Martin?


Judith Miller uses Mother Jones’ Trayvon Martin coverage to school her Fox News colleagues

Yes, that Judy Miller. While her conservative colleagues were busy arguing Trayvon’s death wasn’t a national story, and the media had done a poor job of reporting, Miller shot back Saturday:

ELLEN RATNER: …and the journalists didn’t do their jobs in terms of the racial composition of the community, were there other racially motivated crimes in that community — ‘cause they’re all just talking about racism — and the history of this guy, Zimmerman, and whether he in fact on his other calls — which, he made thirtysome calls over the last ten years to 911, or the cops, did they have a racial component. Nobody really looked at that…

…The press has been terrible on Zimmerman’s family. We don’t have any profiles of the guy, we don’t know his family life —

JUDITH MILLER: —I’m sorry, Mother Jones did a very piece on this that has a lot of the elements that you say haven’t been covered. in fact, it has been covered.

RATNER: OK, missed it.

Thanks, Judith. And here’s some of the work she was talking about.

Oh, and Ellen, if you read our reporting, you’ll find that George Zimmerman made 46 calls between January 2011 and Trayvon’s death. Not “thirtysome.” Add in the previous years’ totals, and there are many more.