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Migrant workers residing unlawfully in the U.S. are not — and never have been — criminals. They are subject to deportation, through a civil administrative procedure that differs from criminal prosecution, and where judges have wide discretion to allow certain foreign nationals to remain here.


The Lee and Rahayuningsih families are facing deportation despite being low priority cases. Both families have children who qualify for Deferred Action and have loved ones with severe health issues.  Urge ICE to grant prosecutorial discretion and prevent separating more families!

This June, the Obama Administration granted undocumented youth with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, which offers relief from deportation for up to two years.  The Lee and Rahayuningsih Family have children who are eligible for deferred action and are considered low priority cases.  These families should not be separated from young people who have just been granted relief.

Alex Lee and his family arrived in the US over fifteen years ago to flee persecution in Brazil. Alex was diagnosed with brain cancer last year causing blindness and limited mobility. Although he is eligible for deferred action to stay, he is unable to live independently.

“My son is unable to live on his own. We have no other family here or in Brazil. What use is his right to stay, if his caretakers are deported? ” says his mother Boi See Lee Choi.

Putri Dyannie’s family faces the same circumstances after arriving with her parents from Indonesia at age eleven.  Putri remembers little about Indonesia and her parents are her only family. She was granted deferred action and will transfer to a four-year university next year.  Her father is also being treated for cancer.

“My parents are my foundation. They are not less deserving than me. They work tirelessly to put me through college and without them. It pains me to think that they won’t be here to see me cross the stage on graduation day or witness me grow.”

The Lees and Rahayuningsihs have established their lives in the United States for over a decade. The family members could be separated indefinitely if ICE does not take action.

These deportations can be stopped. Sign the petition to tell ICE that these families matter and that they can do the right thing by granting prosecutorial discretion for families of youth with deferred action.

Call John Morton, Director of ICE -  202.732.3000 and

ICE’s Office of the Public Advocate 1.888.351.4024

Sample Script

“I am calling you to grant prosecutorial discretion for the Lee Family (lead A# 099-340-565) and Rahayuningsih Family (lead A#099-779-854).

Both the Lee and Rahayuningsih Families have been in the United States for over a decade. Their children were raised here and qualify for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  Both families have a loved one with a severe health issue and cannot be separated.  These are low priority cases and should be dismissed.  Don’t separate families and grant prosecutorial discretion.”

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What deferred action means for young undocumented immigrants, and the country:

As many as 1.7 million DREAMers could benefit from this new policy.

The roughly one million undocumented students can now help fill the US shortfall of 16 million college-educated workers expected in 2025.

What about American workers who are unemployed as you import workers? Why’d you favor foreigners over Americans?

The “questions” Daily Caller’s Neil Munro was trying to “ask” President Obama while interrupting his Rose Garden press conference on not deporting minor children born outside the US.

We’ll just put this right here, so the next time conservatives argue that Munro was just doing his journalistic duty and asked an ill-timed question, you can remind them of this, and have a fun discussion about journalism.

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Think ProgressBy Travis Waldron on Jun 15, 2012

President Obama will announce a new immigration policy today that will allow some undocumented youths to avoid deportation and receive work permits to remain in the United States. Students in the U.S. who are in deportation proceedings or those who would have qualified for the DREAM Act and have yet to come forward to Department of Homeland Security officials will not be deported and will be allowed to work in the United States.

Though exact details of the plan are still unclear, it could benefit as many as one million undocumented students living in the country, and it will almost certainly have tangible benefits for the long-term health of the American economy.

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