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“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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. your son has bought voting machines in states you must win to carry this election (namely ohio). comment?

bain capital has bought the electronic voting machines that will calculate millions of votes in ohio. how is that ethical or LEGAL?!!?

. how is it legal for a company that YOU own to buy machines that will calculate votes in an election where YOU are a candidate?

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I heart Zachary Quinto. Listen to Spock, people!

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President Clinton lays it down: Mitt Romney will say anything to win.

Already, there is a curious bit of conventional wisdom taking hold that Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan is shrewd because it will draw attention from Romney’s ever-more apparent weaknesses, notably the more rapacious elements of his work at Bain Capital and his undisclosed tax returns. Sorry, but this makes no sense. It seems hard to imagine a running mate who would jibe better with the Democrats’ Bain Capital attacks than a well-born Ayn Rand acolyte. More crucially, it is hard to imagine a running mate who will draw more attention to the matter of Romney’s taxes than Paul Ryan. Why? Because under the ‘Ryan plan’ that made the congressman famous, Mitt Romney would pay zero taxes.

Don’t believe it? Romney himself said so, just a few months ago
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When The Huffington Post asked the Romney campaign about Bain Capital accepting funds from families tied to death squads, a spokeswoman forwarded a 1999 Salt Lake Tribune article to explain the campaign’s position on the matter. She declined to comment further.

“Romney confirms Bain had investors in El Salvador. But, as was Bain’s policy with any big investor, they had the families checked out as diligently as possible,” the Tribune wrote. “They uncovered no unsavory links to drugs or other criminal activity.”

Nobody with a basic understanding of the region’s history could believe that assertion.

By 1984, the media had thoroughly exposed connections between the death squads and the Salvadoran oligarchy, including the families that invested with Romney. The sitting U.S. ambassador to El Salvador charged that several families, including at least one that invested with Bain, were living in Miami and directly funding death squads. Even by 1981, El Salvador’s elite, largely relocated to Miami, were so angered by the public perception that they were financing death squads that they reached out to the media to make their case. The two men put forward to represent the oligarchs were both from families that would invest in Bain three years later. The most cursory review of their backgrounds would have turned up the ties.

The connection between the families involved with Bain’s founding and those who financed death squads was made by the Boston Globe in 1994 and the Salt Lake Tribune in 1999. This election cycle, Salon first raised the issue in January, and the Los Angeles Times filled out more of the record earlier this month.

There is no shortage of unsavory links. Even the Tribune article referred to by the Romney campaign reports that “about $6.5 million of $37 million that established the company came from wealthy El Salvadoran families linked to right-wing death squads.”

And not just chicken sandwiches.

(He may not be a great Obama surrogate but his heart is in the right place on most other issues.)


“After a week in which Mitt Romney has struggled to counter questions about his tax records and his tenure at Bain Capital, Just 38 percent of Americans in a new ABC News-Washington Post poll express a favorable opinion of the way Mitt Romney’s running his campaign for the presidency, while 49 percent respond unfavorably — an 11-point negative margin,” notes ABC News pollster Gary Langer. “Obama, for his part, gets an even split in assessments of his campaign efforts, 46-45 percent, favorable-unfavorable, in this poll.”

—From ABC, the Romney campaign is seen as more negative than the Obama campaign

Have you heard, this new movie, the Batman movie—what is it, the Dark Knight Lights Up or something? Whatever the name of it is. That’s right, Dark Knight Rises, Lights Up, same thing. Do you know the name of the villain in this movie? Bane. The villain in the Dark Knight Rises is named Bane. B-A-N-E. What is the name of the venture capital firm that Romney ran, and around which there’s now this make-believe controversy? Bain. The movie has been in the works for a long time, the release date’s been known, summer 2012 for a long time. Do you think that it is accidental, that the name of the really vicious, fire-breathing, four-eyed, whatever-it-is villain in this movie is named Bane?

Limbaugh: New Batman Film Is an Anti-Romney Conspiracy (via wilwheaton)

Please, somebody ask the cast of The Dark Knight Rises about this at their next press conference.

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Makes You Wonder

Tax Havens. Offshore accounts. Carried Interest. Mitt Romney has used every trick in the book. Romney admits that over the last two years he’s paid less than 15% in taxes on $43 million in income. Makes you wonder if some years he paid any taxes at all.

We don’t know because Romney has released just one full year of his tax returns. And won’t release anything before 2010. 

Mitt Romney: You know what, I’ve put out as much as we’re gonna put out.

What is Mitt Romney hiding?

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Mitt Romney’s Resignation Letter from Bain Capital

Mitt Romney is under fire after records showed he may not have retired from Bain Capital in 1999, as he stated, and was still involved with the company in 2002, when it outsourced many jobs overseas. This letter should clarify things.


Last week’s political fisticuffs over Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital came to a head on Saturday with the Obama campaign’s release of a devastating new ad.

The ad, titled “Firms,” mockingly plays Romney’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” from the campaign trail over scathing headlines and empty factory floors. Waves gently crash ashore as the ad points out that Romney stashed some of his considerable wealth in the Cayman Islands.

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Not when there are still gaping holes and key contradictions in your answer to the question of when you left Bain Capital:

Romney: I was the owner of a, of the general partnership but there were investors which included pension funds and various entities of all kinds that owned the, if you will, the investments of the firm. But I was the owner of an entity which was a management entity. That entity was one which I had ownership of until the time of the retirement program was put in place. But I had no responsibility whatsoever after February of ‘99 for the management or ownership - management, rather, of Bain Capital.


The Obama campaign released a new ad Saturday to air in battleground states titled “Firms.” It features the voice of an out-of-touch mendacious millionaire warbling a patriotic tune, while headlines detailing decidedly un-American acts flash on the screen.

The ad details Mitt Romney’s history of outsourcing jobs to Mexico and China during his time at Bain, and his outsourcing of jobs to India as governor of Massachusetts. The ad also reminds folks that Romney won’t come clean about the mysterious offshore tax havens in which he apparently stores his riches.

Why does this matter?

Romney’s rationale for his candidacy is wrapped up in his experience at Bain, which he seems to think makes him an expert on “fixing” the economy and “creating” jobs. Romney thinks we need a businessman in the White House, but his own business (and governing) history is one of killing jobs in America and sending them overseas. That’s not what we need to keep this economy moving in the right direction. Romney’s policies won’t help us recover from the economic wreckage of the Bush administration — they’re just more of the same.