No more Texas governors for president

“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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At long last, your Battleground Texas statewide tour calendar.

We’re visiting 14 cities in 23 days to spread the message that Texas is worth fighting for and that together we can change the face of Texas politics.

If we’re not making it out to your town, join us for an online meeting on April 3rd.

To RSVP for a grassroots meeting visit:


CAAMFest 2013 officially kicks off today! Castro Theatre is about to get LINSANE…see you TONIGHT!

And if you can’t see it at CAAMFest, see it in Austin at SXSW on Saturday!


Enjoyed Black Violin while waiting for Dave Grohl at the convention center #sxsw #360sxsw #blackviolin #austin by ashphotog


SXSW Interactive 2013 Day 3: The big names, big sightings and panels

Sunday was a big day for sightings and panels at SXSWi. Jeffrey Tambor got told to wait outside a venue, Shaq literally picked up an Austin360 reporter, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer hung out with Peter Sagal and Rachel Maddow loosened up for some Q&A


Nutella & banana waffle sandwich at @thewafflebus. Trying out SouthBites, the food trailer park curated by Paul Qui at the corner of Rainey & Driskill. I hope my gallbladder doesn’t give out during SXSW. #sxsw #360sxsw #onassignment by hellotinaphan


Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, and her owners are in Austin for #SXSW. #360sxsw #grumpycat by hellotinaphan



How I’m spending last day at work before flying to Austin.

We’re putting on a show! If you’ll be in Austin on Sunday, let me know - we’d love to have you there.


A.D.I.D.A.R. (All Day I Dream About Ramen)

Photograph by Jody Horton.


January 27, 1967. A reporter learns that there is, well, no story to speak of about the creation of the LBJ Presidential Library. From the Daily Diary

“Andrew Glass of the Washington Post came into talk to the President about the Johnson library at Austin. He is doing a story for the Washington Post on the Johnson library, obviously inspired by the recent controversy in the Post over the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. 

“Glass had been to Austin for four days talking to University officials and others concerned with the Johnson library. He asked the President whether any other sites had been considered for the library, and the President replied that consideration was given to a number of others, including Baylor, Johnson City, San Marcos, Syracuse University, and the Library of Congress. 

“The President described the reasons for the ultimate selection of Austin—the University of Texas provided important collateral sources for scholarly use and that as Mrs. Johnson’s and Lynda’s alma mater it had strong personal claim on the affections of the Johnsons. The President said the importance of the library to him was principally that it would house papers going back 35 years and encompassing many of the important public events of our times. Glass told the President that he had found—to his surprise—that there was no controversy over the library, no bad feelings or suspicion of any kind, and that he intended to write a story that would be favorable in tone.”

LBJ Presidential Library photo #d1773-3a, public domain. 


TOMORROW! AUSTIN TEXAS! Mayor Lee Leffingwell and Austin City Council will recognize February 28th as Texas Monthly Day. Gentle readers, come out and celebrate with all of the lovely staffers you see above. 5:30 PM at City Hall, be there or we’ll send the banana out after you.

Photograph by Wyatt McSpadden.

Physically, I was the scrawny, bummy outsider on the block, but inside, I had the same defiance embodied by the dudes who hustled crack or coke whether they sweltered under the sun in long-sleeves or they hid their wares in baggy shorts. I would survive, no matter what the world tried to do to destroy me. Period.

Roe v. Wade and Grown Women | Big Book Lover

I’m reading from this piece at BookWoman in Austin on Feb. 28. Part of the proceeds for the book go to Planned Parenthood, which really needs support in Austin and in Texas. I’d love to see you there:

(via joshunda)

(via joshunda)


Had class in here today and I’m still starstruck.

Lucky!!!!! I hope they still have the animatronic LBJ!

If you have the time and you’re in Austin, take the kids to the LBJ Library and Museum for Presidents’ Day. They recently redid it, and as a presidential library nerd I can promise you that this one is spectacular. Dave Shaw and his team did a great job.
Jason Stanford


Symbolism of the Sand Mandala Lecture at the Blanton Museum (by blantonmuseumATX)


Lyndon B. Johnson died forty years ago today.  A photo of people lined up to pay their respects, as LBJ lay in state at his Presidential Library in Austin, Texas.  January 23, 1973.

LBJ Library Photo D4869-23A, public domain.

RIP, President Johnson.

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