No more Texas governors for president

“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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Nick Lampson/Randy Weber debate (CD-14, TX) to replace Ron Paul. Some observations from an attendee:

The debate was well moderated and timed.  They had 4 minutes to introduce themselves   Then each got 1.5 minutes to answer 14 good questions.   The first person to answer got to do a follow-up and they alternated who got the question first.   The end of the debate consisted of 5 yes or no questions and then both provided a 2 minute summary.  
At the end, it was obvious that Weber was running AGAINST President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, and that Lampson was running FOR his constituents.  It was also obvious that Lampson was knowledgeable and well prepared for this debate.
My impression was that audience support favored Lampson by a noticeable margin.  Nick just outperformed Randy on all counts.   
Here is what Jim Vogas observed:
Nick was armed with facts and spoke with thoughtfulness and reason.  Nick knew detailed information about the subject areas and offered specifics about how to make real improvements in the subject areas.
Weber was arrogant and a pure ideologue.  Weber’s answer to nearly every question on every issue was to somehow mention Obamcare and Pelosi.  It got to the point where some audience members couldn’t help but laugh at Weber’s outlandish remarks.  Weber showed a lack of knowledge on the issues, but it was also evident that he doesn’t care about facts because he just opposes everything having to do with Democrats.  It was clear that he will be another obstructionist adding to the gridlock.
Weber was even in opposition to the current NASA space program, even though he could not say anything that was specifically wrong with it.
Weber said it was okay to send the oil from the Keystone XL pipeline to overseas countries like China.  Nick wants it refined in our district, adding to local jobs.