No more Texas governors for president

“Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.” - Molly Ivins
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A speedy and fully recovery to him.


“This is to let you know that I have been diagnosed with stage I prostate cancer. The good news is that I’ve been told by my doctors that my condition is not remotely life-threatening or even debilitating in any meaningful way. I received my diagnosis last Wednesday. I then had a CAT scan and a bone scan on Thursday, followed by an MRI today. These tests showed no incidence of cancer elsewhere in my body.

My doctors and I have decided on a two-month treatment of daily radiation to begin in mid-July. This regimen will restrict my travel during that period, but will not otherwise change my daily routine.

I feel great — as if I were in my normal excellent health — and my energy level is 100 percent. I discovered the cancer because my PSA level (an indicator my doctors had regularly checked for many years) recently jumped beyond its normal elevation and a biopsy seemed warranted.

I will let shareholders know immediately should my health situation change. Eventually, of course, it will; but I believe that day is a long way off.”

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    It’s weird to know that, more or less, Warren Buffet is my boss.
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    That’s just a dope way to handle that
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    Because not only does Mr. Buffett support higher taxes on the rich, he wants to let you know when he’s had his doc’s...
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    A speedy and fully recovery to him.
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    I swear to god, the fact that a man like Warren Buffet gets cancer but Dick Cheney appears to plan to live...
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